Thursday, February 2, 2017

Looking Back

 Mom has been in her heavenly home for 21 years as of yesterday.  As I look back at times it seems like she just left us and other times it seems so long ago.  Time seems to slip by so fast. Going through some old pictures I had found this picture of all of us cousins before any of our brothers were born and there has been more sisters born also.  More evidence of how fast time moves on. All of us now have children and grandchildren of our own. 

I am the first one in the front row on the left, my sister is right behind me.
Time may fly by, but each season in life is precious. Each season brings new adventures!
We have all went from being little girls to watching our children and grandchildren and there are a couple of great grandchildren now.

I am sure our parents are smiling down on us....


Susan said...

It's coming up to 30 years since my mother passed away from a brain tumor. I miss her every day, but on the 6th this month would have been her 97th birthday and that day is always hard. My heart goes out to you, XOXO

Susan said...

...and I have to add, now I know why the apron chose you this month! It has a way of always making sense<3