Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Seven months ago we moved back to our home town.  It has been so fun being back home again and living in the country!


It has been busy getting settled in, unpacking, painting, a little remodeling in the kitchen, planting lots of flowers, trying to get a garden established, etc, and enjoying every minute of it. 
It has also been so nice having family and friends come and visit our little country home.  

It was fun this spring to see what was under the snow in our yard, when you buy a place in the winter there is always the wonder of what does the property look like.  Have been pleasantly surprised, had a couple of peonies bushes, some lilies, flowering crab tree, a row of bridal wreath, old fashioned rose bush that has blossomed on and off all summer, and my favorite lilac bushes.

A few pictures around the yard.

We have had lilacs at each place we have lived except our last house, so happy to have them again!

 The corn field behind us being irrigated.

Bridal Wreath

Have had a great summer and enjoying our first fall!

The lights of home ... they bring us
A sense of warmth and peace.
They promise untold loveliness,
Rest, laughter and release.

They are like hands that beckon us,
Like arms that draw us near ...
The lights of home! They whisper words
Of comfort and good cheer.
I am so thankful for the Lord leading us to our little house in the country!

~ Cheryl ~


Anonymous said...

Your home looks lovely. You have beautiful gardens too. Peonies, lilacs and roses ~ some of my favorites. Enjoy your day ♥

Cheryl said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. It has been exciting turning this house into our home! 💜

Pam said...

How wonderful that you have moved back to your home town. Love hearing about all of the lovely things that you have found in your garden, as the snow melted off... like finding treasure. Do you have more family close by now that you are there? It sounds like you will be having your first Christmas there this year. Its been a while since I have been alive and active in blogland... enjoying a nice catch up this morning, as Steve and I are visiting my Dad in Phoenix. Hope you're doing well Cheryl. Many Blessings to you.