Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day & Chocolate

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate...

Have to have some chocolate goodies for Valentines Day.

For our grandson who has been here for a couple of days chocolate cake is a must.

He headed home today and took what was left of the cake home to share (hopefully) with his brother.

For my hubby and our son I made a chocolate pie last night for our weekly  supper with the kids. For our daughter who doesn't east sweets I got her some black berries.

 Our son took some of the pie home with him last night, left a couple small pieces for his dad!

Today for my sweet hubby I make chocolate eclairs for tonight.  I had seen My Mother's Apron Strings post on her eclairs and just new that is what I needed to make for him.
Although, I found out that if you make them by just dropping them from a spoon onto the pan they are then called Cream Puffs, so I guess he is getting Cream Puffs!! Either way he will be very happy with them.  You can go to Susan's blog for the recipe.  Instead of the chocolate filling I made a vanilla cream filling.

Wishing you all a,


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Farming On Faith said...

Oh my stars~ they all look wonderful.
Have a wonderful day.