Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sauerkraut and Garden Update

The cabbage is doing good this year so I am trying to make sauerkraut.  I tried a couple of years ago and things did not go well, but after visiting Simply Homemaking and reading her posts on fermenting I am trying it again.  I was able to get some Fido Jars and they have made a huge difference, no mold on top of the jars this time.  These jars have been sitting on the counter for about 4 days now. 

I did learn a lesson in fermenting!  DO NOT open these jars when you still see little bubbles.  I thought they were not fermenting like they should, was only seeing a few little bubbles in the jars, so I went to open one of the jars to check on it.  Not a good thing to do I had juice and pieces of cabbage all over me and the counter, stove, and cupboards.  There is a lot of pressure in those jars, as soon as I started to loosen the clip the top sort of blew open was a mess.  I will make sure there are no bubbles before I open them again.  I am anxious to see how it turns out.

You can tell we are getting closer to fall, the garden is changing so much, it no longer has that look of lush green plants.  The potatoes are starting to die back, onions are tipping over, once again my tomatoes are showing blight....

This is the first time that I tried planting something in a container in the garden, the zucchini did not do well at all.  I have gotten a few zucchini from it, but won't be one of those years where everyone locks their doors because you are trying to give them your extra zucchini!  After doing a little research, which I should of done before planting them, the things I read said they do not do well in containers.  

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