Thursday, August 29, 2013

Only Four Days....

Where has the summer went...only four days before school starts again.  I have been enjoying my summer and it is a little hard to think of going back to work.  I love my job working as an aide with the Special Education, but it always takes a while to get use to leaving home everyday again.

The tomatoes have been a little late in ripening this year so right now when it is time to go back to school the tomatoes are starting.  Yesterday I picked a 5 gallon pail.

There is still a lot of tomatoes on the vines that are almost ready.  Canned my first batch.

The rest of the tomatoes in the pail need to finish ripening.  There will be plenty to do next week after school.  If only school could start after the garden is done...wishful thinking.

Looking forward to a fun weekend.  Tomorrow my DH is taking me to the fair, love looking at the animals, produce, quilting, and all of the 4H displays, along with hopefully finding a caramel apple.  Saturday our daughter is coming home for the weekend, in her words she needs some of her mommies cooking.  Already put in a request for a couple of her favorites, this mom is more than happy to oblige.  We have a shopping trip planned to the Mennonite store and a couple of other places.  I always look forward to having my DH home for a few days.   It will be a fun ending to summer vacation.

Enjoy the last official weekend of summer!

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Pam said...

Your tomatoes are beautiful. Ours are coming in finally
as well. Ours were almost completely wiped out by grasshoppers this year; 3 plants survived; so not so many for us. We will go to the farms and pick some.
Love your canning.