Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden update

Early this morning we received more rain along with some strong winds.  When I look at pictures of my garden taken earlier it is a little depressing.   We depend a lot on our garden for winter, it's not looking to good right now for some of our vegetables.  Will be checking out our local farmers market for a few things this year.  

The wind tipped this tomato plant over this morning, the ground was to wet to hold the cage up.

None of my tomatoes are doing real well some better than others.
Can you see the water in our neighbors yard?  It had went down a lot all ready this morning.
He has raised beds.

Most of my Mountain Pride tomatoes are not looking to good.  They seem to be the worst with all of this rain.

The beans and peppers are not doing to bad.

Part of the potatoes, not sure if you can see the water.

The Wolf River apple tree we planted two years ago, not liking all this rain.

Needed to end with a bright spot in the garden!
(sorry my pictures did not turn out to good)

As I finish this post it is raining again!  The weather man says that we are caught up with the amount of water we needed from the drought we have had for the past couple of years.  That is a blessing from the Lord.  I may look at my garden and wonder why we're getting all of this rain, but God is in control and He takes care of us.  It is not up to me, only to do the best with what God gives us. 


Farmgirl Cyn said...

We have also had quite a bit of rain here in West Michigan. The tomatoes don't look too good, and neither do the peppers. The lettuce has been overtaken by the heat and is no more. Potatoes? We'll see. The basil is doing fabulously as is the pickles. Our CSA farmer has lost all of his pumpkins due to the rain. So did pret' near all the farmers at the local farmers market. Ah well. No pumpkins this year. I can certainly live with that. And you are right. God IS in control!

Melanie large said...

The heavy rains are really the problem for tomato plants. I just hope that my tomatoes can survive the heavy rains when it comes. Your tomatoes should be in a pot this kind of season. A friend suggested to me to plant it in a pot when heavy rains season comes and I hope it will be effective.