Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy & Fun Days

We started the weekend off with the grandson's spending Friday and Saturday night with us.  Always makes for a fun filled time. 

Both days they had some fun with water balloons, a couple just happened to hit grandma.

Ready and waiting!

We played games, had pizza, a camp fire, sparklers, made carmel corn, watched a movie some of the things we did while they were here.  They went home after church on Sunday.

The garden is also starting to produce, so far we have had pickles, beans, onions, cabbage, summer squash, peas, peppers, and red potatoes.  It is so nice to have fresh vegetables from the garden.  Have a pail of pickles to do tomorrow and have been freezing beans and summer squash. 

Some of the beans ready for the freezer.

We have had rain again this past weekend.  Parts of my garden is starting to show it has had to much rain, there are areas where I try not to walk much it is so muddy.  The beets, onions, and about half of the potatoes are starting to be affected by the rains.  A couple of days ago I went through the tomatoes and took off all of the leaves that were bad, not expecting to get much from the tomatoes this year.  

I have learned over the years to put up all you can to make up for the years that are not so good.  The Lord always provides, what a blessing.  

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