Monday, June 28, 2010

Growing Garden

  After all the rain we have had lately we finally had nice warm weather last week and the garden really grew. I was amazed at what a difference a few days made in the garden.  I love going out and seeing the changes each day.

This morning I spent some time in the garden weeding, it finally dried out some.  There are a couple of lettuces that need to be pulled yet that have bolted and I want to get some lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli started. Will start them in a small flat as the garden is still to wet to plant directly in the soil.  I have a small area that was saved for some late plantings of these things. 

On Saturday was able to spend some time with a dear friend, we met at a quilt shop that is about 45minutes from me and a little over an hour from her.  It was fun looking around, I did buy two patterns and my friend found some material for a project.  After the quilt shop we spent a couple of hours at the A&W in the town to just sit and visit and catch up with each other. 

I am looking forward to this Friday, will be going to Waupaca to see my cousin.  We will be going to a quilt sale and having lunch at her house afterward.  My aunt (she is my cousins mom) who is 86 will be going along with us, she has quilted for years,  I would like to see if I can get some pictures of her quilts.  There is one quilt that I have always liked of hers, it's a Postage Stamp Quilt.  The entire quilt was sewn by hand and all of the little postage stamp size pieces where cut out with a scissors.  To have the patience to do a quilt like that!  I seem to have trouble getting my small projects done :)

Have a wonderful day!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh your garden looks beautiful.
Maybe you should post some pointers for us newbies~
Mine does not look that good. What do you put straw around. Does it help keep out the weeds?

Gina said...

Your garden is lovely! It looks so lush and green compared to mine!

Nick said...

Congratulations on the well kept garden! We have done both mulched and bare-ground gardening, and have come to prefer bare-ground and planting in rows. It probably sounds like more weeding hassles, but since we got this wheel hoe to use in our garden it has made the weeding simple. Just a quick run through the rows 3x a week. Much easier on our old backs :-)