Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls Night In

My husband had to work tonight on a shut down, so it's just my daughter and me for supper.  That means we will be having Broccoli Ham Ring, you can get the recipe here 

This has to be one of our favorite meals, my sweet husband doesn't like broccoli, so we save this for nights like this.   Originally the recipe was posted with our pictures, so tonight I took pictures. 

All of the ingredients  mixed together.
I chop the broccoli and ham with a food chopper.
Crescent rolls laid out around the pizza stone.

Add the filling around the ring.

Bring the points of the crescent rolls up over the filling and tuck under. 

Finished product, try and enjoy!
The recipe makes two of these rings.

With my husband working it will give me some time to catch up on some blogs and maybe check out some new ones.

Have a great evening!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Does hubby work in a nuclear power plant? Mine used to weld for a living many years ago, and he was always working a "shutdown"!

Cheryl said...

No, he is a Master Electrician, the company that he works for has had him at the hospital working. They have been changing out switch gear, so when they do a switch over (they call it a "shutdown") some of it has to be done in the evenings, around the operating room and lab schedules.

Girls Night In said...

yummy ........Sounds like it will be a perfectly classy, fun, uplifting and inspiring hens night! Go straight to know more about ladies night.