Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Campfire, Marshmallows, Sparklers

Last weekend our grandsons spent the night for a campfire, cookout, and sleepover. I had made up an invitation and sent to them for our party. They both thought it was neat to get a special invitation to come to grandpa and grandma's house. Grandpa made hamburgers on the grill, we made homemade french fries and old fashioned malts. This is the first campfire since we moved here. We did not have a place for one, our daughter bought us one of the portable campfire rings. It was so much fun having a fire again. Although we found out it makes a very nice burned spot on the lawn where it sits. Will have to do something before the next fire.

Have you seen the new giant campfire marshmallows they are now selling? I bought a package for our campfire, they are huge! The boys had fun with them, they are very messy! I weighed them, it takes four regular large marshmallows to make one of these. This picture doesn't really show how big they are.

Some of us like our marshmallows really burnt (that would be me) so grandson is having fun making sure grandma's is very well done.

OK, it got a little to done and fell off the stick into the fire. Turned out great the next time.

After we were done roasting marshmallows the boys did some sparklers.

They had a lot of fun! Time is going so fast, we no longer have little grandsons anymore, they are growing up fast. It is a blessing to see them growing into Christian young men. I wait to see what the Lord has in store for both of them.

I am praising God that my dad was doing a little better yesterday. He is still on oxygen, I don't know if he will be able to get off that at this point, but at least he was eating a little more and seemed to feel a little better. It was encouraging to hear, I would like to have him around longer but at the same time I don't want to see him suffer. The Lord is good and in complete control.

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