Thursday, May 20, 2010

Build and they will come, the birds that is!

I bought this bird house at a rummage sale, when we first put it up no birds came around it. A couple of days ago we had four tree swallows fighting over it. This little bird and its mate won. They have been busy building their nest. The bird house is just out side of the patio door, they have been so much fun to watch. This is the first time I have seen any of these birds in our yard.

This little bird was also fighting over the first bird house. So today I bought another bird house and my dh mounted it on the back of the fence. You can kind of see it through the fence. It only took a couple of hours before this little bird was checking it out. I was surprised at how fast they find the houses, will be watching at rummage sales this summer for more.

Yesterday we had in the 80's and when I looked out this Robin was just sitting in the bird bath cooling off.

We have been enjoying beautiful weather. Yesterday I planted some of my flowers in the window boxes and flower pots. Some of the flowers are starting to bloom now, the purple flags, phlox, and iris. I love it when all of the flowers start blooming. Tomorrow it is back to planting the garden.


K. Joy said...

These are great pictures!! I love the first one with the blue swallow peeking out of the bird house. :) I hope you enjoy planting your garden tomorrow!

Linda Stubbs said...

Hello, Thank you so much for coming and visiting me! I love your picture of you little blue bird. Our middle son lives in a beautiful area with lots of blue birds.

You have avery pretty header. Shows me your heart!

Blessings, Linda