Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anxious to get into the garden

This past weekend we had about 3" of snow. It was very pretty, looked a lot like Christmas, except that the apple tree was in bloom along with tulips and daffodils. After the snow the weather turned cold here in the 20's at night. I did have a few hills of red potatoes up and they did get touched a little by frost. But I think they will be ok. The cold did not do anything to my lettuce or onions.

My daughter took the pictures of the snow for me. She caught the Cardinal at the feeder, he usually doesn't sit here when other birds are at the feeder.

This week so far it has been cold and damp, not gardening weather. I have been anxious to get back at planting the garden then I remembered my mom's garden. Mom and my uncle always had a friendly competition when it came to gardening. My uncle always tried to get his garden in as early as he could, it seems mom's never got in before Memorial Day weekend. Dad had to take time from the field work to work up her garden. My uncles garden would come up and just sort of sit there and not grow very well to start with. Mom's garden always caught right up to his and you would never know that she had planted later. She always told him the garden did much better if you waited and planted when the weather had warmed up and stays warm. So I will wait before finishing my garden and do as mom did, plant closer to Memorial Day weekend.

Today is cloudy and colder so I am baking bread and have some cards to work on for a wedding and a couple of birthdays. I will enjoy the time to make some cards before the weather gets nice and there will be outside things to be done.

Enjoy your day!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

It's felt a lot like October in my neck of the woods, so putting in the garden will have to wait for a few more days. The potatoes are ready to go, and things like lettuce, peas, carrots and beets can go in right away. But for the rest of the veggies, it's best to wait till the first part of June. Tomatoes do NOT like the cold!

Sandra said...

It's been so hot here. It's hard to think about someone getting snow!! We are already digging our potatoes up and picked a bucket of squash yesterday.

Sandra said...

Cheryl, If you would rather, I could just send the map to your daughter. But if you want me to send it to you to give it to her that will be fine as well.