Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Projects

With Christmas over and the New Year almost here I've been going through my cupboards and cleaning and getting rid of a few items. Today I went through my closets in the sewing room. Sorted through the scrap tub and got rid of most of it. I have not even looked in this tub for almost a year, time to let it go! Was a nice feeling to have the closets organized once again.

I am ready to settle in for a long winter! The temperatures are suppose to get colder this weekend and we were getting a few snow flurries. Our winters in Wisconsin are always long and cold, but I do enjoy the time it gives me for quilting and scrapbooking (I will admit that by the end of February I am ready for some signs of spring!) This is a picture of some of the projects that will get worked on this winter, don't want to even tell how far behind the scrapbooking is. Next I need to get the scrapbooking organized so it can be worked on also.

One of the things that I want to get back into doing is planning my day with my Grace Works planner. Was doing so good for a while and get so much more done when I keep my self organized. I will be working on this New Years Day.

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Tricia said...

Oh, now *that* looks like a fun project pile! Did you see Michelle Wooderson's post today? ( Maybe you need to schedule a personal quilting day each month. Maybe I'll join you!! :-)