Monday, December 7, 2009

We had fun this weekend with the grandsons, they came on Friday afternoon to spend the night with us. The first thing on the agenda was homemade pizza for supper. While the pizza was baking they each decorated some cupcakes for me. Always fun when you can put on all of the frosting and sprinkles you want! They each decorated one that was just for them. We watched Christmas movies and had Carmel corn until late (we did let mom know how late we ended staying up).

On Saturday they helped grandpa put the tree up and we decorated it after lunch. Youngest grandson kept putting grandpa's Packer ornaments very low and hidden on the tree (he's a Viking fan) oldest one and Grandpa moved them to the front!

After the tree they were able to go to the range with Grandpa and do some target shooting, they all enjoy that. Grandma has to check out the target when they get home to see how they did and they are getting really good.

Busy week ahead will be subbing three days at the school and have more baking to get done. Looking forward to the snow they say we are to get!!!! It should hit the day I am at home, so my plans are to turn on the Christmas music and bake!

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