Friday, August 14, 2015

Canning Break Today

The weather here today is hot and humid, good day to take a break from the canning and freezing.  This week I have been canning Dill Pickles, Sweet Dills, Open Jar Sweet Pickles, and freezing sweet corn and zucchini.  

So today I am taking a break and doing some sewing.  I have been needing to get a couple of towels made for a gift that I need for tomorrow.  A couple of months ago I had purchase a fat quarter bundle of  " Oh Clementine"  material that I just love.  So today decided to use a couple of pieces for the kitchen towels that need to get done. I think my new niece to be will like them.

The idea came for the towels came from Cluck, Cluck, Sew this is her material line.

Now just need to get a couple more towels and make some for me!!

We also enjoyed having our grandsons (and a girlfriend) over this week for was chicken and dumplings and chocolate cake.  They seem to think that is the required menu for them :)  That's ok grandma enjoys making it for them!!!

Had to rescue a toad from trying to get in by the chickens.  
Enjoyed these two boys when they were little and am enjoying watching them grow into young men, what a blessing.   

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.


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Pam said...

It is hot here as well; I can imagine your need of a break. Oh but what satisfaction of have so much canned and put away for fall and winter. It sounds wonderful. The chicken and dumplings is making my mouth water. No wonder that the grandsons want it. A friend of ours made Steve some chicken and dumplings last week (while I was in Florida). He had been under the weather, and she and her hubby dropped it off for him… so sweet, and comforting, and it has been on my mind ever since, and now you are making it :) i might have to fix some just for myself…. I'm sure Steve wouldn't mind a second round.

I love the towels; they are so cute. Those kinds of gifts are truly treasures. I am sure she will love them.
Have a lovely weekend, Cheryl
Many Blessings,