Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August Garden

The garden has that Fall look to it.  Some of the vegetables are done with and others are coming to the end.  Planted some lettuce plants the other day that I started from seed, hoping to get some  lettuce from it this fall.

This is the time of year when the weeds start to creep in, with harvesting and canning not much weeding gets done.  Also this year with my husband being laid up we didn't get the mulch in between the rows like other years and that has made a difference in the weeds.  

The tomatoes have late blight again this year, but still doing pretty good. The last half of the row doesn't have blight as bad.  Although there is one tomato plant that has been very nice this summer, big lots of blossoms but not one single tomato on it.  That is a first for me and am not sure what is going on with it. If any one has had that happen would love to hear from you.

The cucumbers haven't been doing the greatest this year, thankful that I was able to can extras last year so we don't need as many.  We have been eating them along with canning some dill, sweet dill, gallon sweet pickles and some sweet cucumber relish.  Will keep canning them up as they come just smaller batches at a time.

The Red and Yukon Gold potatoes have died back, we have been eating on them, the Russets vines are still partially green so still growing.  We should have enough potatoes for the winter.  The green beans are starting to blossom again so will have a few more fresh ones.  Still plenty of things to finish canning and freezing for a while yet!

Today's harvest.  Potatoes, beans, and carrots for supper.
Will be canning tomatoes in a couple of days. 

Getting some much needed rain this afternoon, it is feeling like fall today with temps in the low 60's , a big change from our 90's this weekend.


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Pam said...

I've been noticing the feeling of fall coming as well. We didn't get much planted this year. I did plant a little bit for my hubby in the spring before I went back to Florida… and a planted a few things in pots in Florida, which I enjoyed, but not enough to do more than a few salads and have fresh herbs for some of my recipes. I think I will get out to the farms in our area and get a bit from there to put in the freezer, while I am in Colorado. As usual, your garden looks so beautiful to me. It is funny about the tomatoes, considering they got wonderful flowers, but no tomatoes on them. Don't know what to think. I often have a battle with one type of veggie or another…. all in all a wonderful harvest. Loved the pictures.