Monday, November 7, 2011

More Apples

We had a busy weekend with the grandsons spending Friday night.  On Saturday the youngest one spent the day with grandpa at the rifle range.  Grandpa was helping people sight in their guns for deer hunting season.  In between people the two of them were able to do some shooting.  

The other grandson stayed with me and we went and picked some apples.  The orchard that is only a couple of miles from our house had free u-pick apples on Saturday.  How can you resist free apples!  We picked Honey Crisp apples, they are so good.  Also picked some others, not sure what kind they are.  Kept two bags of the Honey Crisp to add to our apples for cider, then picked about three bushel for their  mom to do.  Put the apples that I cooked up yesterday afternoon through the colander today after work then cooked up another batch that I will do tomorrow.  Hoping to be able to get an apple press from the Amish to use this weekend to make our cider.  It will be good to have some cider again.  



Cheryl said...

Honey Crisp apples are really good. It sounds like a fun weekend. We want to get a bigger press for cider next year.

Have a wonderful day.


Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for your visit. I love real cider this time of year and I love the honey crisps and gala's two of my favorites. Come say hi any time :D