Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting Ready For An Important Day

Been getting ready today for an important day for our grandson Jonathan.
Tomorrow he will be following the Lord in Believers Baptism.

I have been busy baking the buns for the sandwiches.  Making three dozen white buns, the last ones are rising and almost ready to go in.

Also made some Pumpkin Rolls for sandwiches, you can get the recipe here:
They are very good.
Finished up the cake for him this afternoon.  Homemade chocolate cake with white frosting. Bought a small container of the Wilton Decorating Icing for the flowers instead of making it as we don't care for the entire cake frosted with the decorating icing.  It is not professional, but is made with love for a very special occasion.  

Have a wonderful evening!


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Cheryl said...

What a blessing. I am so glad that he loves the Lord and is being baptized. My three girls were baptized the first Sunday in January this year. It is wonderful to see young one following the Lord.

Have a wonderful day with your family.