Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A while ago I was asked by "My Memories Suite" to review their digital scrapbooking.  They sent me the My Memories Suite program.  I am having fun playing around with it and doing some of my pictures.  There are so many things this program can do.  This is the first time that I have ever done digital scrapbooking and am really liking it.  

The exciting part is that they have given me a "My Memories Suite" program to give away!

This week I will be working on putting some samples on my blog of what I have been doing and next week will be posting about the give away.  So check back for more information to come.

We are enjoying beautiful fall weather here in Central Wisconsin.  The trees are starting to turn colors and it just looks like fall.

Last night our grandsons where here for a few hours and we went to see "The Juggler With The Yellow Shoes" at the school.

They had seen him before at their church, where he did a great salvation message along with the juggling.  

I have been subbing in the Special Ed room last week and this week, so it has been busy.  Tonight my DH  made supper for us, oven fried chicken, potato wedges, and sweet corn.  He found a good recipe on line and used the same breading for the potato wedges.  Very good! Thanks Honey!!

Have a good evening and watch for posts about "My Memories Suite." 

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