Saturday, September 3, 2011

Need to be prepared!

I have been doing some canning this week to be ready for winter or just when you can't get to a store.  You just never know when some emergency may happen.  My brother found that out yesterday.  A storm moved through his area and took out the power at least he had a small generator to use.  They had to hook up a bigger one today because power will be out until Tuesday or Wednesday.  My dad lives with them and he needs oxygen at night.  

We went over to help out this morning alot of power lines down.  These lines are on the end of the road right before the farm.  Won't be working for a while!

Not where you want to see your power lines.

Power company will have to replace a couple of poles before they can hook up again.

A big branch form this tree took down the power lines along with another tree that fell.  There are a lot of people with out power in this area.  Not sure how many like my brother and his family that weren't really prepared to go this long with out water and supplies.  Will be checking things over here a little more carefully to make sure we have what is need for an extended period of time.  
Put up one batch of tomato sauce and have another bushel of tomatoes to work on and have to pick again.  

From garden......
To kettle....

To this.....

Linked to Homestead Revival Preparedness Challenge  24.  Check them out I have learned a lot from different people linked to the challenges.

Have a great weekend!


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