Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Weeks Left!

Two weeks from today this will come off!

I will be so happy to have the immobilizer off, and be able to move my arm some.   Will also start more aggressive therapy to get my strength and range of motion back.  Thankful for pain pills!   

My DH is enjoying learning to bake.  So far he has make two rhubarb pies, bread, and Scoth-A-Roos.

The second pie the crust went much easier for him, forgot to take a picture of that one.
His crust was flaky and the pie was delicious.

His first loaf of bread.  

Next he is going to make a Rhubarb Swirl Desert, will post the recipe later.

Hot weather has come to central Wisconsin

 Since taking this picture we are now up to 94.8 and it's not even noon yet.  Going to be another hot humid day.  We may pass our 97 that we had yesterday.  Fan is going today!

This time of year I love looking out and seeing the flowers blossoming and the garden starting to come up.
After tulips the Purple Flags were the first to open.

Then the Iris.

This morning one of the Peony bushes was starting to open.
We also have a yard full of these little fellows.....

 From this tree.
Our yard is covered in the spring with little Red Maple trees, they would soon take over if left on their own.

Will be spending most of the rest of my day close to the fan trying to stay cool, (a little harder to do with this immobilizer on my arm) went out early to water the flowers and some of the garden to beat the heat.
They say it is to cool off the rest of the week into the 60's, such a change.   Grandsons will be spending the night on Friday, great weather for a campfire.

Have a wonderful day!


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