Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Then the sling can come off and will be able to do more.
Started therapy yesterday, found out I am not to be using my left hand at all other than just wiggling my fingers, so that ends a few of the things I have been doing.  Stitches come out today.
My family has been wonderful!  I am so thankful for each of them.

Last week when our grandson's and their mom came over to help, the boys each brought me a flower to plant.  They are coming Thursday to plant my flowers and some of the garden.

Each of the boys also read me a report that they did for school.

First grandson's was on turtles.

The other one on spiders.

The second day they came we had a little excitement, Jonathan was riding his bike and fell (doing some tricks with the bike) and hurt his arm.  Mom had to take him up to the Dr.  he had injured some soft tissue between the bones.  So for a week we were sling buddies.

Same boy that just a few weeks ago had to have stitches in his hand!
He decided that there is a lot that you can't do with your arm in a sling.  He is doing great now and out of the sling.

Our daughter has been coming up with some great recipes for suppers.  Had a very good marinated chicken on the grill one night.  She gets everything ready then my husband does the cooking, she gets home late.

A new stir fry recipe, the sauce was very good, served over rice.

Last night my husband made a sauerkraut, hot dog, mashed potato hot dish.
Told him maybe I will have to hang up my apron and turn the cooking over to him.  He didn't think that was a good idea.  He is enjoying taking care of me, but will be happy when my arm is healed.  

So for now I will sit back and enjoy this little vacation for the next month, and try not to think about all of the things that I could be doing inside and out.  It will all be there when this is over.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have heard that rotator cuff surgery is very painful and has a long recovery process. Sounds like you are doing really well!