Saturday, December 11, 2010


We are getting snow, possibly up to 14 inches with blowing!

 This pictures is a little fuzzy from the blowing snow!

Grandson out doing some shoveling until Grandpa gets done at the neighbors and 
blows our driveway.  He went out into the yard and let the snow from the snow blower hit him and
came in covered with snow.  Said it was like being in a blizzard couldn't even see the house.  Made his day!

Yesterday I had to sub in the pre-k room, there were 28 little ones.  Went from that to helping at the preteen  Christmas party at church last night.  The kids had a lot of fun.  They sang, had a short Christmas devotion, played charades acting out titles to Christmas songs, did an ornament exchange,  played musical chairs, decorated their cookies and finished up with ice cream sundaes.    The boys had a lot of fun.

Spending the day with the grandkids, making popcorn balls, fudge, and watching some Christmas movies and enjoying the snow.

It's snowing harder and the wind is picking up, I think we will be snowed in soon!!!!


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