Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday, when I was coming back from the Chiropractor and seeing my dad I was listening to VCY America radio station and the program Crosstalk America was on.  She was telling about a new praise song for children put out by Brentwood Music called "Crazy Praise" one of the songs is "The Throw-Up Song".  I am thinking you have to be kidding,  (they were not for the song on the program).  The words are "I think I'm gonna throw up, my hands to the Lord".  "I think I'm gonna hurl, my sins out the door".  After the song is done the children make vomiting noises.  I went to You Tube to see for my self what the song was like. 

I wonder how can a song that talks about throwing up be honoring our Lord and be something that the children should be taught as a praise and worship song.  Where is the worship in this song? 

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

One only has to enter any number of "churches" nowadays and see that there is a false spirit there. Where is the gospel anymore? We left our church of over 10 years June 09', and have been without a church since then. We have looked around, tried out a couple, (went back at least half dozen times), and for now, we "church" on the internet. David Wilkerson in New York, Mark Driscoll in Seattle, and Zac Poonen in India. Those are just a few of the places we visit.
Is there life out there? Songs like the one you spoke of show that life is sorely lacking. As well as discernment.