Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peaches, Tomatoes, Cucumbers

A few weeks ago I had ordered some Baby Golds from the Amish bulk food store.  They came in last Monday, ended up with two bushel.  We really like the Baby Golds, but they are so much harder to can.  I ended up just peeling them like an apple and cutting them off the pit.

 Out of the two bushel I only had two bad peaches, last year they were over ripe and lost quite a few of them. Did one bushel on Tuesday and the other one on Wednesday, ended up with 38 quarts and a dish left over to eat.

Also canned a few quarts of tomatoes last week along with a few pickles.  Have some more cucumbers in the refrigerator that I need to decide what to make with them.  I have enough sweet, dill and relish.  Looking through my canning books for something new.

This weekend my husband helped me clear out some of the garden, with all of the rain the weeds got away from me.  We dug the rest of the potatoes and got just a little over 1/2 bushel out of our six rows, not a good year for them.  Did talk to the Amish lady that has the bulk food store and she is pretty sure that we can get potatoes from them.  We have made the decision to put in some raised beds before next spring.  We have not had any rain for a couple of weeks now, the garden soil was so hard.

I have five pounds of blue berries to freeze this afternoon and the bread dough is rising.  Enjoying a much cooler day here, fall is coming.  Tomorrow want to start decorating the house for fall!

Our grandsons spent the night Friday and went home after their Aunt Tammy took them out for lunch on Saturday.  My husband and I spent Saturday with my dad, then after supper we went to the Waupaca County Fair.  It has been about ten years since we have been to this fair.  My purpose for going was to see the animals and get a caramel apple.  They did not have any caramel apples, couldn't believe it!  Next on my list was a flurry from the 4-H food stand, no flurries either.  Did enjoy all of the animals wanted to take home a jersey calf along with the baby pigs and chickens.  Someday we will have our place in the country again.  We ended the evening by going to the Dairy Bar, they make the best home made icecream, we both got a maple nut cone, sooooo good!  It was a fun evening!  When our kids were small we spent a lot of time at this fair, my husband worked for a surge dealer and had to help milk the 4-H cows.  A lot of good memories!


Lydia said...

Happened by your blog from Home Joys. You do Baby Golds too? I don't find many people who like them and think they are worth the extra work. But it is the only peach I will can. I have a special little seed remover thing that was my grandmother's that makes removing the seed rather easy. And this year when I was picking up my peaches from our local orchard I met another lady who said her husband made a spoon into a sort of "grapefruit spoon" (you know, where one side has teeth) and that it works great for removing the pits.

Anyway, enjoyed looking over your blog.

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend ~ and all that fruit makes me so hungry for some blueberry pie or peach cobbler or SOMETHING sweet!! I just had to stop by and tell you thank you and how much your comment meant to me - the one you left on my blog about my daughter coming back from college. Why are people acting like it's the end of the world?? Having support means more than you know - or actually it sounds like you DO know, so THANK YOU! ♥♥