Thursday, June 18, 2015

Backyard Chicks

The day has finally arrived, I picked up my four little chickens from the local coop in town.
I have waited a long time to be able to have chickens again.  Now the long wait for them to grow enough to start laying some eggs.  

Right now they are to little to go out into the little chicken coop we they are spending their time in a tub in the corner of the kitchen.  I am already having so much fun watching them and holding them and also listening to them peep!

The count down has been over for a while now for the last day of school, I am enjoying being a full time homemaker again.  


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Pam said...

They are so, so cute. I know exactly how you feel about them. They are going to be so much fun in that adorable little coop. I miss having chickens, and look forward to having them again one of these days when we are able to buy a property. So happy for you getting to be a homemaker again, that is wonderful. Have a lovely weekend.