Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer, where have you gone?

Summer is coming to and end way to fast for me.  It seems that school just gets done for the year and it's time to start again.   Where has the summer went!   I have enjoyed my time home and finding it very hard to think about going back to work next week.

This summer was filled with gardening, veggies and flowers, lots of baking, freezing, canning... 


We went to the county fair this past weekend, always enjoy seeing the animals, loved this little green and yellow chicken.  

Counting down the days until next Tuesday morning...ready or will be starting!


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Pam Phelps said...

This summer has gone by way too fast for me. I think I am a month and a half behind in my timing. Your garden looks so beautiful; I would love to come over and walk through it with you, and have you show me every plant and veggie. Looks like you have put up some delicious food. I will only put up a little this year. My 3 garden beds are thriving and over flowing… which is a delight to me. They are just getting into the swing of things, due to their late planting…. but fun to see them going full steam even so. I can imagine the mixed feelings you have about starting school. It would be hard to have to go back after being home (I know I am such a homebody myself). Fall is beautiful, I always look forward to Fall (not Winter mind you). Our State Fair is coming up. I too love the farm animals and agricultural parts. Have a lovely week, as you prepare for the new school year.