Monday, June 16, 2014


School has been out for a week, I am enjoying being home again.

  This past month on Mothers Day we attended the dedication of our four new adopted grandchildren.  It was a precious time. 

They are a precious gift from God, so excited to see what the Lord has in store for each of them.

Our grandsons have been great big brothers!

Time goes by so fast it seems like yesterday that the grandsons were little.  
Took a picture of the hand prints that were put into the cement at our house up north.
Now and Then

They are no longer little boys, growing into fine christian young men.

It has been so nice to have warm weather after our long cold winter, 55 days below zero gets to be a bit much.  Enjoying getting into the garden and the flowers are starting to bloom.

If only they could all bloom the entire summer.

This little fellow has been living in the flowers, thought he was so cute until....he started eating one of the flowers.  He seems to have a taste for just one kind of perennial in my gardens so they have the bottom leaves eaten off and some of the shorter stems, will get some blossoms on the taller parts of the plants. Thinking he isn't so cute anymore:o)

He is setting next to the plant he loves to eat!

Looking forward to getting a lot of projects done this summer and least that is my plan.


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