Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garden Pictures

The garden hasn't been doing to bad with the lack of rain.  We have been watering so that has helped.

This little wren has been getting worms off of my cabbage and broccoli for the babies.  I like having her around.

This little baby was the last to leave the nest.  It took him a day longer than the rest to get brave enough to leave.  You wouldn't believe how much noise one little bird can make when left alone.

This little bunny also lives in our yard.  As long as he can't get into the garden I enjoy watching him.  Comes up to the bird feeder just outside the patio door and eats.  I am sure I won't be to happy this winter when he is eating on my bushes!

Enjoying a little cooler weather today only expected in the 80's.  Waiting for it to rain, some of the farmers corn is starting to show signs of stress from the heat and lack of rain.  Although this area is not as bad as other parts of Wisconsin.

Have a great day!


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