Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot , Humid, Wet & Finally Cooler

We have been having a heat wave here in central Wisconsin.
The garden has been growing fast with all of this heat and humidity.  Thankfully we have also been getting some rain, the other night in a couple of hours we had 3 ~ 1/2 inches. I know some parts of the country can use rain, it needs to dry off here some, our clay soil is getting saturated.  Today we are enjoying cooler less humid weather!

The beans and potatoes have grown together.

The zucchini plant has really grown, starting to see little zucchini.  My yellow summer squash plant is looking good but the little squash is rotting.  Have only gotten one so far that was useable.

The wind and rain on Tuesday night tipped over some of the pepper plants.  Have tried to stand them up again, the ground is just to wet.

The wind also knocked the tomato plants off the fence.  Before you could walk between the rows.  Will need to try and get them back up off the ground.

Enjoying fresh produce from the garden.


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Farming On Faith said...

Oh your garden looks great.

My Brian and I just spent a couple hours weeding ours after being away on vacation,

Our heat index is 110 today~ I am soaking up the air with fresh Raspberry Tea!