Friday, April 15, 2011

This & That

This past week we have had some spring like weather for a change.  Last Sunday was beautiful temps in the 70's.   So the first couple of days this week I have been out cleaning out the flower beds.  Good job to have done.  The garden is ready when the weather warms up and it dries out.   Today we are back in the 30's around here and very windy.  One of these days it will warm up and stay warm, I think!  It has been a long winter and am getting anxious to be out in the garden.

I have started some of my plants, the bell peppers that I started did not come up so will buy them.  Started four different kinds of tomatoes, Red Oxford, Mortgage Lifter, Amish Paste and Mountain Pride. They are all coming nicely along with the broccoli, jalapeno peppers and a few cabbage. 

I have a small green house that sits in front of the patio door in the dinning room until it is warm enough to put it out side the door.  This weekend need to start some lettuce seed and a few flowers.  
On Tuesday night got a call that our grandson wanted to talk to me, he was at the ER waiting to get stitches in his hand.   He kind of wanted grandma to come up to the ER, so that was my first time with someone getting stitches.  Neither one of our children had stitches when they were young and this is the first for the grandkids.  He did much better than grandma!  I stayed in with him and mom while they were freezing  his hand, he was so brave, you could tell how much it hurt but he never flinched (mom's hand may be a little sore from the squeezing).  When they started to put in the stitches I have to leave.  Did go back in when they were finished.  His hand is doing nicely, still sore.  Took a picture of him in ER waiting for the doctor to come and put in the stitches, but can't get it off my phone.  I think it's sweet how he wants grandma to be with him when something happens.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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