Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Vintage Machine}

This summer my dad gave me my mom's sewing machine and cabinet.  It had not been used at all for at least seventeen years and very little for years before that.  

The machine is a Coronado, that was bought from the local Gambles Store in town back in the 60's.
Was so excited to get mom's machine and to see if it would work after sitting so long.  A few weeks ago when I was in town shopping my DH worked on the machine.  First it need a very good cleaning my dad is a smoker so you can guess what this machine looked like after sitting in the house closed up all of those years.  My DH used oven cleaner on it.  Not something I would have dared do, but it worked great.  Next he had to put a new cord on the machine, the old one was so brittle it was breaking apart (with an electrician in the house there was no way that could get plugged in).  Also had to replace the belt.  

My husband had me thread the machine and give it a try.  It worked!!!  At first it didn't sound the best but after getting the manual out (which I was shocked to find in the cabinet yet) and checked where it needed to be oiled.  After oiling the machine he ran it with out thread or material for a little bit to work the oil through.

It now works beautifully, I could hardly believe it!  I have done a lot of sewing on this machine over the years.  During high school I made all of my dresses, sewed for mom, and two nieces.  The machine stopped getting used when we got married and my husband bought me a machine.  Mom did use it occasionally if she needed to mend something. I think Mom would be happy to know that the old machine is working.

What a change from that machine to the ones that I use now.

My Husqyarna Viking Rose

White Surger

How machines have changed over the years.  I look at machines even now since we purchased my Rose about fourteen years ago and the things that the new machines can do now.   Maybe I can get my machine serviced, now I have a back up machine.

Waiting for some snow today, not a lot, and doing some sewing.  Have a wonderful day!!


Anna said...

What a beautiful machine, and how neat that you got it running again!

Sandra said...

Someone just gave me an old peddle machine and it sure is heavy! The ones they make now are light and plastic and won't last near as long! I know the machine means more to you because it was your mothers.

Lady Farmer said...

What a wonderful gift ~ one you will cherish! I gave the old one that was my grandmothers' to my daughter. She doesn't sew on it, but it is fun for her to have it to remember her *special* Grandma!

loves2spin said...

The older machines often have solid advantages. I love my current Janome, no problem there, but it, for instance, require professional "maintenance" and with my older machines (one an old black singer and one a treadle) I can do all the work myself! The Janome doesn't even allow me to change the light bulb. I realized that only 2 days ago. The new machines have marvelous features, but the old machines have the QUALITY and durability. That is so nice that you have your mother's machine now. :)