Friday, November 12, 2010

I am finally getting a chance to update my blog.  It seems time has just slipped away from me.  Here are a few of the things we have been up to.

Getting the garden ready for winter.  The little part that  jogs out in the front is my new strawberry patch.  Not looking to good at this time.  Quite a few of the plants didn't make it after the heavy rain we had earlier.  Hopefully enough will come through the winter that I can replant some runners next summer.

Finished a couple of projects that have been around for a while, this one is a fall piece that I made for the back of the rocking chair. 

This is a flannel lap quilt that I have had the material for a long time.  It has been a slow work in progress.  The material was bought from a quilt shop when we lived up north, that has been 4~ 1/2 years  ago.  Finally cut it out two years ago, sewed it together last winter and finished it a couple of weeks ago.  This wouldn't seem so bad if it was something complicated! 

Had a surprise birthday party for my husband.  His birthday is really the day after Christmas.  It seems that we always end up celebrating Christmas with part of the family on his b-day. So this year though we would change things up a little.
So this year we planned a little party on a night the grandsons were staying over.  They thought it was great celebrating early like this.  Grandpa enjoyed the surprise too. 

Then there was the Packers verses the Vikings game!  As you can see we have fans of both teams.  One grandson and his dad are Viking fans (really a fan of who ever is playing against the Packers) the other one along with the rest of us are Packer fans.  Things can get quite lively at times during these games ;o)           That is a little bit of what has been going on around here lately.  
We are having our Thanksgiving next week so I have been doing some baking and shopping to get ready.  Also working on a few more sewing projects that I can't show, they are Christmas gifts.  The past two weeks have also done a lot of subbing.  

The weather man is saying we may have some snow flurries this weekend!  I am hoping!!!!  

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