Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Been Busy!

It has been a while since I have had the time to post anything.  It just seems that the days slip by so fast.  A week ago Saturday went on a Shop Hop with my neighbor Linda.  We had so much fun.  We left here at about 6:15am to meet at the Heart 2 Hands Quilt Shop in Neilsville where we took a bus to three other shops.  We were back to the shop at around 6:30pm.  It is always so fun to see other shops and their line of fabrics and ideas.

This was the first shop that we went to.

There is so much to see in each shop.  Did more looking then buying this trip, got a couple of patterns, one piece of material and two Charm Packs.  Am trying to get the projects done that I already have.  My friend started buying material to make each of her ten grandchildren pillowcases for Christmas.  All of her grandchildren are six and under.  I only was able to get pictures of our first shop, my camera went dead on me!

Later last week I celebrated my birthday.  My grandson decorated the cake for me.  I had bought just a Happy Birthday candy top for the cake, as they like the candy, but as you can see by the picture he found a few other things to put on grandma's cake:o)

He made a very interesting looking cake for me.  He had fun and they loved it, so did grandma!

Had some help blowing out the candles! 

The night that we celebrated my birthday our grandsons spent the night.  The next day they helped me clean out the garden.  We were able to get everything pulled up and put into piles to be taken to the compost pile later.  Now just need to have them come back and load the truck for me.  

They also had fun playing in the maple tree before and after the garden work. 
They are such a blessing to us.

Also ended up subbing one day last week and will be subbing two days this week.  The last two nights we have had a light frost so it is time to start putting up the apples.  My plan is to make some chunky and smooth apples sauce and freeze some apples for pies.  I have tried the canned apple pie filling but we prefer the frozen apple slices for pies.  I will can the chunky sauce, most of the smooth sauce will be frozen.  I like to have some smooth sauce canned for using in my baking.  Most of my recipes that call for oil I like to use half applesauce.  

My next project outside is to get the flowers cut back and get the flower beds ready for winter.  I also loaned Simply In Season from the library so have been going through it and looking at some recipes to try.  

Enjoy the rest of your day, it is a beautiful fall day here!

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Sandra said...

That all sounds like such fun. I love going to quilt shops. I rarely buy anything but I LOVE looking! Even though I can decorate cakes, I LOVE the simple ones that my children have made me. They do enjoy finding all the stuff to go on it.
Please let us know if you find any good recipes in Simply in Season!