Monday, April 26, 2010

Everything appreciated the rain this weekend! My dh got the rest of my garden tilled up on Friday afternoon and the lawn mowed again before the weekend rain. I have a few things in the garden, lettuce transplants, onions, and a few hills of red potatoes. Plan on getting a few more things in this week.

Had a wonderful time on Saturday, went with my neighbor to Spring Fever at her church. We had a lot of fun and learned a few new things. Took two stamping classes where we made three cards in each class. The firs class was very basic cards and the second one we did a flower explosion card and two others that had some cutting and folding. Also took a session on planning your meals for 30 days. The last session that I attended was on Whatever Happened to Sunday? I really enjoyed this session. Our speaker went through what the Jewish people do to celebrate the sabbath, was very interesting. Then she talked about how we spend our Sunday. Although we are not under the law, but New Testament Christians, is Sunday really important to us or just a routine. Do we look forward to worshiping our Lord on Sunday, is it something we start to really look forward to as the week comes to an end and then reflect on as the new week starts.

These suggestions were shared with us to help with preparation~rest/relaxation~reverence~
and reflection.

* I have mentally determined that Sunday with Christ in His Church will be the high point of my week.
* I have asked Christ to make me sensitive to the needs of others I am worshiping with.
* I have spent time in confession so all will be right between myself and my Lord when we meet on Sunday.
* I have planned on sustaining the delight of this time with Christ and his people by guarding against Sunday infringements.
* I have solved the "Sunday morning hassle" by making sure what I need is ready.
* I have gotten up in plenty of time so I will not feel rushed.
* I have planned my morning so I will not just arrive at church on time, but get there early.
* I have my Bible in hand on Sunday morning and I am ready to look into God's Word for myself.
* I have left for church with a great sense of expectancy because I know Christ will be there.
* I have made an effort to rest, and to recognize it as a physical and emotional reward from God.
* I have found time to rediscover my family and friends.
* I have used this day to reflection the blessings God has given me.
* I have joyfully participated in Sunday without the nagging reminder of unmet deadlines and unfinished housework.
* I have recognized that I need to cease from my work and let Christ do his work in me.

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Sandra said...

If we all practiced this every week our services would be so much better and the Lord would be able to work in our lives. Good post.