Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful Day

Last night in the evening service the Pastor talked about our prayer life, it was very challenging. He preached from Luke 18:9-14 are we praying as the Pharisee, going to God and telling Him all that we have not done and all that we have done that is good and comparing our self with other people. Do we go to God with a proud heart thinking how great we are? Or are we like the publican and humbling ourselves before God and asking Him to be merciful to me a sinner. It makes you stop and think about how we are really coming to God in prayer.

It is a beautiful day here in central Wisconsin, about 50 right now. It seems more like spring than fall. I just cut apart the last six pumpkins and have them baking in the oven so I can freeze the pulp. Plan on making a pie later today.

Both of our grandsons still have the flu, mom is taking the oldest one back to the doctor, he has a bad cough now also. Hope there is something that they can give him, he sounds so miserable. The youngest one hasn't been as sick with it. But will be putting off celebrating his 10th birthday for a few days yet.

I am off to get some sewing done for the craft show that we are going to be in. I don't have a lot of items but need to get some of them finished:o) Have a great day!

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.
Psalm 102:1


Shawne said...

Your card is really really gorgeous! I love the soft bow, thank you for playing!

Shawna said...

Beautiful card! Hey, and those doughnuts look pretty good, too!!