Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some Rain

Last night and early this morning we finally got some much needed rain.  I have been watering my garden ,but it just does so much better when God takes care of the watering.

Had a very disappointing peach canning experience this year.  I ordered two bushel of peaches they looked so nice when they came in.  Started to can them the other day and got two quarts from a half bushel.  They were so bad, some where very mushy and others had no taste to them.  When I called where we got them from they said it was a bad batch.  We took the rest back and are waiting to see if he can get another shipment from the grower.  At the price of peaches this year it was a very expensive two quarts.  They were hoping to have some by this weekend, haven't heard anything so a little afraid we are going to be out the money and no peaches to can.  Hoping next year will be better, although I am going to really miss not having peaches this winter.

The grandsons have been here since Wednesday, helping with some yard projects, they even helped me with the house cleaning this morning.  Very sweet boys!  Grandpa had them mowing the yard with the rider, they enjoyed that. 

We had hot and humid weather again today, next week is suppose to be hot to start with and hopefully some rain.  Trying to stay cool tonight with the fans going.

Have a wonderful evening and a Great Lords Day!


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