Friday, July 1, 2011

My Helping Hands!

Since my last post I have gotten rid of my immobilizer sling (so nice) still limited to what I can do with my arm.  At least with therapy am starting to see some process.

This week for a couple of days I have had some very helpful extra hands, here are some of the things that they did for me.........

helping hands doing dishes......

The helping hands getting weeds under control...........

 More weeding!

Hanging up a load of laundry ........

These hands just got done making their favorite chocolate cake.
(The cake turned out delicious, his first time making it)

Thank you so much Keiven and Jonathan for all of your help, grandchildren are truly a blessing!

Strawberry Season!

We pick at a Mennonite bulk food store. 

Tucked under these lovely plants where....

Some very nice berries.

My helping hands were there also...

He really did pick more than he ate!

Today I made two batches of Freezer Strawberry Jam

and started crushing up the rest of the berries for the freezer.

Have two more pails to take care of, a few will be saved out for fresh and the rest put in the freezer.
We are having hot and humid weather today (97 degrees). Went out early this morning and did some weeding in the garden (little slower with only one hand) before it got to hot out.

Tomorrow will be doing some baking for the 4th.  It is suppose to cool down some!

Have a great afternoon!

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