Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cards & More Cards

On Tuesday I went to a card making workshop at the home of the lady who did the cards for our workshop last weekend at the church. We made five cards and used some new techniques, like easel cards, stamp kissing, and how to make a bow using a fork. This is a pictures of all of the cards from both workshops and one that I made at home for a friends birthday.

This lady puts on these workshops once a month. I was able to look through her albums to see all of the cards they have made over the past two years, they have done some very pretty cards. I'm sure I will be attending some more of her workshops, especially in the fall when she starts the Christmas cards.

Need to get some extra baking done our grandsons are staying over a couple of nights this weekend, we will be going to my dads to celebrate his 85th birthday on Saturday. What a blessing to have been raised by a christian dad and mom.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Everything appreciated the rain this weekend! My dh got the rest of my garden tilled up on Friday afternoon and the lawn mowed again before the weekend rain. I have a few things in the garden, lettuce transplants, onions, and a few hills of red potatoes. Plan on getting a few more things in this week.

Had a wonderful time on Saturday, went with my neighbor to Spring Fever at her church. We had a lot of fun and learned a few new things. Took two stamping classes where we made three cards in each class. The firs class was very basic cards and the second one we did a flower explosion card and two others that had some cutting and folding. Also took a session on planning your meals for 30 days. The last session that I attended was on Whatever Happened to Sunday? I really enjoyed this session. Our speaker went through what the Jewish people do to celebrate the sabbath, was very interesting. Then she talked about how we spend our Sunday. Although we are not under the law, but New Testament Christians, is Sunday really important to us or just a routine. Do we look forward to worshiping our Lord on Sunday, is it something we start to really look forward to as the week comes to an end and then reflect on as the new week starts.

These suggestions were shared with us to help with preparation~rest/relaxation~reverence~
and reflection.

* I have mentally determined that Sunday with Christ in His Church will be the high point of my week.
* I have asked Christ to make me sensitive to the needs of others I am worshiping with.
* I have spent time in confession so all will be right between myself and my Lord when we meet on Sunday.
* I have planned on sustaining the delight of this time with Christ and his people by guarding against Sunday infringements.
* I have solved the "Sunday morning hassle" by making sure what I need is ready.
* I have gotten up in plenty of time so I will not feel rushed.
* I have planned my morning so I will not just arrive at church on time, but get there early.
* I have my Bible in hand on Sunday morning and I am ready to look into God's Word for myself.
* I have left for church with a great sense of expectancy because I know Christ will be there.
* I have made an effort to rest, and to recognize it as a physical and emotional reward from God.
* I have found time to rediscover my family and friends.
* I have used this day to reflection the blessings God has given me.
* I have joyfully participated in Sunday without the nagging reminder of unmet deadlines and unfinished housework.
* I have recognized that I need to cease from my work and let Christ do his work in me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jumper is finished and sent

The back of the jumper. This picture was suppose to be last, I still can't figure out how to move these around.

This is the spring jumper that I have been working on for a friends little girl. Finally took time and finished it last weekend, and mailed it yesterday to her. This little girls grandma was a very dear friend of mine, she past away before her youngest two daughters were married. Someday they will have a great reunion in heaven.

Friday, April 16, 2010

First Rhubarb Pie

Picked my first rhubarb yesterday for a Rhubarb Custard Pie, made for one very happy husband. He has been waiting for the rhubarb to get big enough, with our warm weather it is ahead of schedule. It was so nice to be able to get something fresh from the garden again.

The pie is going fast!
This is my mom's recipe, she always made rhubarb custard pie.

Rhubarb Custard Pie

Unbaked pie crust for a 9 inch pie
4 c. rhubarb~chopped up into small pieces
1 c. milk
1 ~1/4 c. sugar
2 eggs

Put the chopped up rhubarb into the pie plate (with bottom crust)
Beat the 2 eggs
Add sugar and milk to the eggs and mix together
Pour this over the rhubarb
Cover with top crust
Crimp edges and make vent slits
Bake at 350F for 50 minutes or until rhubarb is tender


We do not have many squirrels in our area, but one seems to have moved in and found our bird feeder. I love to feed the birds, but could do with out this squirrel trying to eat all of it. I had just filled this feeder about 30 minutes before taking these pictures. At this rate it won't be long before he has it empty. I though the little fellow was going up the maple tree and jumping onto the feeder. So I was going to have my dh move the feeder away from the tree and that would take care of the squirrel getting onto the feeder (I don't mind if he eats the seeds on the ground). Wrong, he just climbs right up the Shepherds hook. So now I am not sure what we will do to stop this squirrel.

Seed is going down!

It was fun watching him! Maybe he will find other things to eat, instead of our sunflower seeds.

He finally spotted me, but not to worried about it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today my mom will be celebrating her fifteenth birthday in heaven. I am very thankful for the mother that God gave me. She was a Godly example in what a mother and wife should be. My mom never worked outside of the home, she took care of the house and helped my dad on the farm. I always enjoyed coming home and knowing that mom would be there. I learned much by watching her as I was growing up. She is greatly missed, but has left us with so many wonderful memories.

Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Safe on His gentle breast,
There by His love o'er shaded,
Sweetly my soul shall rest.
Hark! tis the voice of angels,
Borne in a song to me,
Over the fields of glory,
Over the jasper sea...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Crackers

I made crackers for the first time today. Used a recipe from Peter Reinhart's book, Artisan Breads Every Day. I first learned about this book from Gina at Home Joys, she has been baking her way through this book and posting reviews. After reading her reviews I thought this was a book that I would like. Loaned it from our library first just to take a look at it and really liked it. My book came this weekend. The crackers are Crispy Rye and Seed Crackers. They are very good, easy to make, and full of good things for you. Excited to try more of the recipes from this book, like the soft pretzels yum!

Last week was busy starting with Easter, our aniversary, our daughters birthday, and the grandsons spent three nights with us. Did find time to transplant some of my seedlings, have a few more that will be ready soon to get into bigger posts. I love this time of year with garden work starting, flowers coming up and soon be blossoming, and spring rains. Waiting to see if we get the thunderstorm they have said is a possibility this afternoon, hope so!

Need to get my scalloped potatoes and ham in the oven for supper, still using leftover Easter ham.

Forgot to mention that I made the Maple Scones, from Mennonite Girls Can Cook, this weekend. Made the batter up on Saturday night and baked them Sunday morning for breakfast, they are very good, I did not put the glaze on them and added some raisins. Will be making these again.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My sweet husband surprised me with a dozen peach roses for our anniversary last night.

We had a nice rain last night, the grass is starting to really green up now. My tulips are up, I can't wait for them to blossom along with the other flowers. I love it when all of the flowers are blooming. I think how beautiful this earth is and can't even begin to imagine how lovely heaven will be.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service at church then Easter dinner with our daughter and our neighbors.

Today my DH and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary! I have been very blessed to have a wonderful husband, who is my best friend. It has been a great 35 years, the Lord has truly blessed us. Tonight we will be celebrating with some of our family.

I have finished my subbing so now I am enjoying being home again and getting some things done around the house and yard. Our grandsons will be spending a couple of days with us this week, looking forward to that. Being home is never boring!

Enjoy this lovely spring day!