Sunday, July 28, 2013


Our camp fires became fire camps when the grandsons were little, not sure why they ever started calling them that.  When they were little they wanted to come to grandpa and grandma's for a fire camp, sleepover, and chocolate cake:-)   As teenage boys they still come for the same things:-)  

After getting the yard work done up north and a few other things this past weekend, We had a chance to enjoy a camp fire. We didn't put a lot of wood on the fire, wanted to keep it a little smaller so it wouldn't put off quite so much heat, it had been a hot day upper 90's.  Even with it being so hot it is still nice sitting around the fire.

I love to sit and look up into the trees by our camp fire.

We sat and watch the moon rise through the trees, there are no street lights or yard lights from neighbors to give off light.

Looking up through the trees as the night grows darker.

It was a fun relaxing time with my DH, I always enjoy getting a way and being able to spend time together.  When this house sells I will miss our times spent here.  This house holds many wonderful memories that will always be with me.

To show forth thy loving-kindness in the morning,
and thy faithfulness every night.
Psalm 92:2

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Lisa said...

We did this with our boys growing up too! Neighborhood children would love it when we built a fire in the backyard. They would bring sticks for marshmellows everytime. Great memories!