Monday, July 22, 2013

Can She Make A Cherry Pie....

This past weekend we had to go up north to the house we are still trying to sell to mow the lawn and do a little work.  A couple of years before we moved I had planted a cherry tree.  The tree has grown over the years...we moved seven years ago.

But we never saw any cherries on the little tree.  When we planted the tree I couldn't wait until it would have cherries and I would be able to pick them and make a cherry pie.  I was out in the yard and my DH was mowing the lawn when he came by me and pointed to the cherry tree...this is what I saw to my delight!

Little red cherries!  It was so much fun picking the cherries...

I picked every cherry on the tree and had two cups of berries, just enough for my pie recipe. I was very thankful that the Lord allowed me to get cherries from the little tree at least once...then my thought was ok Lord I got my cherries now could the house please sell.

My cherry pie recipe comes from this little book that my mom gave me years ago, I was in high school at the time.  Decorating ideas for my first kitchen when we were married came from the cover of this book.

The little book has only twelve pages...there is a picture on one page and a recipe and poem across the page. Over the years I have made the different recipes and still enjoy reading the poems.  The little book brings back memories of my sweet mom when I am reading or baking from it.

This morning I pitted the cherries and made a pie.

Ready for the when my DH asks whats to snack...we will have a slice of pie.

Through the Kitchen Door

The lights of home...they bring us
A sense of warmth and peace.
They promise untold loveliness,
Rest, laughter and release.

They are like hands that beckon us,
Like arms that draw us near...
The lights of home! They whisper words
Of comfort and good cheer. 

                                      Author unknown

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