Friday, July 19, 2013

Blueberry Bulk Foods

This week I got a call from the Amish Bulk Food store that my peaches were in.  I have always enjoyed reading about the Amish, so when we moved to this area I was very excited to find out we have a lot of Amish community's around here.  It has been so fun getting to know some of the families. I have taken a couple of ladies to rummage sales and strawberry picking, one mom and her daughters quilted one of my quilts for me.  So I headed to the Blueberry Bulk Food Store to get my peaches.  The store is only about five miles from our house. Meeting a buggy is something that happens quit a bit on certain roads around here, this is just down the road from the store.

A customer

 The store isn't very big but they have a nice variety of things.

I love all of the hats!

I like to get my spices and other bulk foods from here.  We also have a couple of Amish Green Houses in the area and a big Mennonite bulk food store about twenty miles from us.  It is so nice having access to fresh produce and foods in bulk.  It is a young couple that run this store, when I picked up the peaches she showed me her garden behind the house.  It was beautiful, three little boys were playing in the yard and a little one was sitting on the ground playing by the garden.  Would love to have taken a picture of the garden but a friend was helping her weed and the little boys were in and out of the garden, so no pictures.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Prov. 31:27


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Pam said...

One of my daughters lived in Ohio for a couple of years, and would often buy milk, and bread and bulk items from the Amish. It was fun to get to go with her when I was visiting. I really enjoyed it.

We used to buy from the food co-op years ago, and that was how I would buy bulk in days gone by. These days its Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods Market; not quite the same nor near the good deals.

I enjoyed your pictures.