Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post.  The end of our summer and fall turned out to be very busy.  We have had a lot of work to do on the house we are trying to sell.  Our grandsons have gone up with us a couple of times to help, it's always fun for them to go back to the house that they spent so much time at.
Our daughter also got a new job back in the town she grew up in and moved into her own apartment.  We had so much fun moving her in and going down to visit her.
Moving day, she has made it into a cute little home for herself.  She now has a place to hang the Christmas quilt that I gave her.

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas with family and friends, we had two different Christmas meals here.

Did some sewing for four little girls this Christmas, made each of them a skirt.  It was fun and the pattern was so easy.  They all like bright so bright it was.

These were for our three little foster granddaughters.

This one went to my great niece along with this apron.

Found some fun things on Pinterest to make for gifts for some coworkers this year.  The ones with children I made these Sundae Boxes.

Also made up some jars of  "The Smell of Christmas"  they were fun to do and they smell wonderful when you pour them into a pan and heat them.

2012 was a good year, the Lord has blessed us in so many ways.  I am looking forward to see what the Lord has for us in 2013.  Our first weekend of the new year is being spent with our grandsons, something we always enjoy.  This morning we took them to and Amish Pancake Breakfast.  The Amish here have these every couple of months along with Hay Stack Suppers.  Tonight the boys are watching the Packer/Viking game with grandpa.  The youngest will be rooting for the Vikings (our little trader) the rest of us will be cheering on the Packers.

I have missed blogging and hoping to do better at it this year.  Still have been trying to keep up with different blogs that I enjoy and checking out Pinerest.  

Wishing everyone a Blessed New Year!


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