Friday, December 30, 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was different not having Christmas with my dad this year, the first time in 36 years that we haven't had Christmas Eve at my parents.  It will take some getting use to, but time for some new traditions.  We missed dad but what greater joy could their be than to be with the Lord and mom.

It has been so nice being off work this week, was able to get a lot done around the house this week and also had our grandsons here from Monday until today.  They were a big help in taking down the decorations and carrying things to the basement for me.  Now tomorrow I get to stock back up on the food!  Two growing boys eat a lot!  Our daughter also had off work, it was nice to have her home also.  Today a friend came to visit and we went to the local quilt stores, it has been awhile since I have been to any quilting stores, much less done any sewing.  Hoping now that I am getting use to working that I will be able to get back into the sewing and scrapbooking.  We will be having a quiet evening at home for New Years Eve.



Saturday, December 3, 2011

Went to cut the tree!

It has been at least twelve years since we have had a real Christmas tree.  So this year we decided to have a real tree and take our grandsons along to cut it.   So this morning we all ventured out in the foggy, misty weather to search for the perfect tree.

They gave us a wagon ride out to the trees, and came back about 30 minutes later to get us.  It was fun trying to decide on which tree. 

Way to big for our house, keep looking!

Found it!
(smaller one behind the big one).

Helping grandpa cut the tree.

Then came the fun part, for grandpa, dragging it out to the path.

Now we just had to wait for the tractor to come back and get us.  It was fun our daughter came with us also.  Our grandsons enjoyed having Aunt Tammy along.

The tree is in the house with the lights on.  This tree may not be perfect, ( trunk not straight, a few gaps in the branches) all trees are beautiful after they are decorated!  Going to watch a Christmas special and decorate the tree tonight, with the help of the boys.  It has become a tradition for them to help with the tree, forbid we would think of doing it with out them. (wink)  Perfect night for it, the snow is falling!

I am finally getting a picture posted of us with Jonathan after his baptism.  What a blessing seeing him follow the Lord.  There is no greater joy than to see our grandsons wanting to live for the Lord.  I pray that they will stay strong in their faith as they continue to grow.

Christmas lights are all on, candles lit, popcorn made, off to decorate the tree!

Have a wonderful evening.