Monday, September 20, 2010

Did something I have never done before!

This weekend we went with our grandsons (should say grandson, the oldest was sick and not up to going) to the Eve of Devastation.  This is what happens when you only have grandsons.  You get to go and watch a car being blown up, along with numerous races with cars and trucks doing all kinds of smashing each other. (not that granddaughters wouldn't enjoy this also)  They even had a contest to roll a vehicle, didn't do well the drivers could not get then to roll over.  The evening ended with a demo derby and fireworks.  We had a blast!!!    Forgot to take my camera :(

I just love Marigolds this time of year, they seem so much brighter than in the summer.

The last of the sunflowers that seeded themselves from the bird feeder.

I am keeping and eye on the apple tree, some of the apples look like they are getting very close to being ready to use, with out having to cook them forever.  Each year that we have been here my husband has been pruning the tree.  Each time he does I am just sure we won't have hardly any apples because of the branches that he takes off.  But each year the tree does better and better.  It always reminds me of Gods pruning in our lives.  We go through different trials and struggles, but if we keep our eyes on Him it improves our lives and we see more fruit.

I am also keeping a watch on our raspberries.  We brought a few plants from the other house up north last summer and started them here.  A teacher from the college had given them to me and they had not had a chance to do anything up north yet.  I believe that they are fall raspberries.

 We have had a few to eat.  So good!

But most of them look like this yet.  I am hoping the frost holds off so they can ripen.

It is always fun to see what comes up in the garden that you didn't plant.  This year I had some sunflowers, a cherry tomato, and a gourd plant.  We did get a few tomatoes off the plant and there are some gourds that are ready to pick.  I had bought a few gourds last year to decorate with and had thrown them out by the end of the garden last fall.  It was a pleasant surprise to see the plants coming up.  Now I have gourds again to decorate with.  I let them grow up over a couple of bushes by the garden.  Just couldn't pull them up after the seed survived the winter.  

I can never quite figure out gourds, I could only
see one plant growing, but there are different
shapes of gourds on the vines.  This is a couple of them.

Off to get a few things done for supper tonight.  We are having meat loaf, squash, fresh apple sauce, and baked potatoes.  Have a wonderful day!

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I so enjoyed seeing your pictures. You are blessed.
I am having a great time catching up with your blog this morning. I have been so busy ~
You have a blessed day ~ Friend!