Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally getting a chance to update. I am taking it easy this morning, been having some back problems so I stayed home this morning and planning on going into church tonight. It seems to do better as the day goes. Only three days left for subbing in the 4-k room, it has been fun but will be happy to get back to my house.

My DH has a lay off this week, so hopefully he will be able to work on our kitchen floor. We bought the material to put down a new one this winter at a really good sale at Menards. I am excited to get the new one in. The floor right now is a white linoleum, we're putting in a laminated wood floor.

I started some more seeds for the garden and a few flowers this weekend. The lettuce, alysumm, beef steak tomatoes and green beans that I started earlier are up. I don't usually start green beans in the house, these are for our grandson. Last year he had seen the tomatoes that grow upside down and wanted to try one of them. So we took a really heavy plastic bag and planted a tomato in it just like the planters you can grow. He was pretty happy with his plant, just one problem, he doesn't like tomatoes. So this year we're going to take one of the flower pots that you put moss in and can poke flowers into the sides of the pot. Instead of flowers this one will have green beans growing in it. He loves beans from the garden, so he is happy to be able to try this. Now he can hopefully have his very own beans to eat when ever he wants. What a grandma won't do for a grandchild ;o)

We had a little rain last night, so the grass is a little greener this morning. Can't wait to get out in the garden and flower beds, just need to get my back better! This week is suppose to be back to warmer weather again, spring is here!!!

Have a wonderful Lords Day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spoke To Soon

We are having a beautiful day. It is 62 out and the Red Wing Black birds are back.

I spoke a little to soon about being done with the subbing that I have been doing. Thursday morning the principle came to the music room and asked if I would be able to sub for two more weeks. The ladies foot is not healing as it should. So will be rearranging my schedule some for this week, won't be getting everything done that I would like to. Oh well, it will get done eventually!

I have been picking out a few recipes that I want to try this week form the bread book that I loaned from the library. I did get a wreath done for our front door. Was fun taking an older wreath apart that had seen its day and making a fresh new one. Will get a picture and post later.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Up date

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I should have only two days left of subbing for the pre-k, it has been fun but busy. Tomorrow and Thursday we are taking a field trip to a local pizza place, to make their own pizza, should be interesting helping 29 little four year olds make pizza. Although, they each painted their own hug pizza today, I think I ended up with almost as much paint on me as they did. It has been a lot of fun but, I am looking forward to being done and getting back to my house. It feels like I have been neglecting things around here.

Next week I plan on starting my spring house cleaning and need to get some of my garden seeds started. We are having such nice weather this week and expecting some rain the next few days. I am hoping for an early spring. We have seen two Robins, so spring can't be to far away.

I just got Peter Reinhart's book from the library, Artisan Breads Every Day, so I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes next week. Also have a jumper to get started on that I am making for a friends little girl, it has a bunny, eggs, grass, and chicks applicad on the bottom of it. Made this pattern a few years ago, so it will be fun doing again.

Off to get started on supper!