Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quiet Days

It has been rather quiet here lately.
I have been subbing a couple of days this week, and will start
subbing for three weeks next Tuesday in the pre-k room. Will be a little different spending all day with 29 preschoolers.

The weather was so nice today
here in the upper 30's. Just had to go out and take
a few pictures.
The picture on the left taken by my dd is of the ice melting on a cover over our burning bush, we have to cover it or the rabbits will eat it off.

For the past couple of weeks the birds have disappeared in this area. I had filled the feeder below about two weeks ago. Today for the first time there was a female Cardinal and some Chickadees in the yard. I was so excited! If you look closely in the far left picture there is a bird sitting on the tree branch. I am waiting for the weather to warm up and the birds to start singing again in the mornings.
Warmer days like this remind me that spring will be here soon.

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