Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Fun

Our grandsons had a sleep over on Friday. Always fun! The first thing they did was to help grandpa do some work on the chimney. Hmmm wonder if they told mom they were on the roof!

After they came in and had hot chocolate we decorated their ginger bread men cookies, Keiven put lots of frosting on, Jonathan did a little more decorating on his. They both enjoyed eating them when done.

After we did the ginger bread men, Jonathan helped me decorate some molasses cut out cookies. He did a great job. I thought we were going to just frost them white and put sprinkles on them, he had other ideas. So we got out the decorating tips and colored the frosting. We had a lot of fun. Every time there was a broken one he was trying to eat it on me, he did get his share.

Some of the cookies we decorated.

Jonathan also decorated the ginger bread house for me. Had a little trouble with the frosting to start with, but finally got it right. It turned out very cute.

Finished house

We also had a little celebration for Keiven's twelfth birthday. Where has the time went, it seems like it was just yesterday we were looking forward to our first grandson. They have both been such a blessing to our family.

We ended the weekend by attending our Sunday school program at church last night. They did a very good job telling the Christmas story and making the plan of salvation clear. The entire evening was a blessing.

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